Avant-garde refers to a group active in the invention and application of new techniques in a given field. For PHARMAPRENEURS, this is in the specific field of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in general.

We are a people that are passionate to innovate. Representing a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the PHARMACEUTICAL realm. The notion of the avant-garde is to be a hallmark of modernism, and perhaps radical in some instances and we are “guilty as charged!”

Whilst boasting an eccentric persona, we commit always to act in a responsible manner in what is a highly regulated market and undertake full accountability to ensure that our practices are ethical, legal, forthright and always aligned with the stringent compliance measures exercised by our business partners!
Essentially, we are a proudly South African, highly experienced, small to medium sized Pharmaceutical Consulting and Commercialisation Company, with an Agile infrastructure that supports the Sales, Marketing and Market Access of Pharmaceuticals, its Medical and Regulatory diligence and the ability to synergise with business partners in their Organisational Development and Talent Management pursuits.

Perhaps what makes PHARMAPRENEURS most honest to our claim of being AVANT-GARDE, is our ambition to offer our services in a manner that is Entrepreneurial, Creating Value for our partners, and engaging in Risk-Sharing come Self-Funding business operating models. We may break the mould, but not the bank!


The name CONSULTANT or CONSULTANCY in general conjures up a variety of intellectual, emotional and sometimes physical responses.

So now that we have your attention perhaps we can describe why we are reluctant to be known as your or your company’s “CONSULTANT or CONSULTING company or CONSULTANCY.”

Every individual recruited at PHARMAPRENEURS, has had a number of years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical arena. Some at a South African level and others with a mix of Global and local exposure. If assessed by number of years, our least experienced associate has spent 15 years in this industry.

However, we do not promote ourselves by the number of years of experience but rather by the count of RISK taken during our respective tenures resulting in successes and failures at various degrees of reward and penalty respectively.

With a widespread armamentarium of expertise collated we are confident that we are geared to offer counsel and execution on a variety of challenges facing the industry momentarily and into the future.

CEOs, GMs, MDs and Directors of many Pharmaceutical Companies are under stringent pressure to deliver growth over previous financial and overall business achievements. This has to be accomplished with very reluctant expense growth and certainly with neutral or even negative trends when focusing on full-time headcount. We are aware that whilst Top-line sales and Bottom-line returns are the primary focus on a P&L, the under-belly of expenses is aggressively challenged at every reporting cycle by more senior reporting lines.

FTE (Full-Time Equivalents) or just straight forward Headcount, has become the new currency by which the leadership of companies are being scrutinised. In essence, companies are expected to do more with much less. Without having to undertake any formal research, it is clearly evident that across the vertical landscape of staff of many Pharmaceutical companies, that these colleagues are putting in hours that far exceed previous norms. From the most senior of staff, the CEO (or similar) to differing reduced levels of responsibility, employees are being stretched to cope with their workload. Despite some very encouraging “Work-Life Balance” initiatives taken by employers, the reality of the amount of work generally sways this balance in favour of time away from home!

If any part of the previous paragraph hits home, then PHARMAPRENEURS must certainly be in your horizon to engage on scenarios whereby we can synergistically add value to your operations. Also peek on the tab entitled

We are keen to differentiate PHARMAPRENEURS away from being just “Business Consultants”, but perhaps grow to be known as your Business’ “Confidants.”

We are interested in making you and your business successful through, counsel, exploration of new and innovative strategies, and execution on agreed upon tactics.

As your “Confidants,” we are sensitive to your business needs but also towards helping with your “Organisation Wellness!”