PHARMAPRENEURS comprise a number of highly qualified and diversified personnel having had Sales, Marketing, Key Accounts and Market Access experience with South African based Multinational and Local companies.

We cover Primary and Secondary care customers in both the Private and Public sectors within South Africa. Customer base is inclusive of Retail Pharmacy (Corporate and Independent), GPs, Specialists and Public Sector Key Accounts (Heads of Department; Tender board; Distribution Depots).

Our FIELD-FORCE offering includes the capacity of 12 Medical Sales Professionals (MSPs) around the country and 10 Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs).

The MSP team all carry tertiary qualifications mainly but not exclusively from the schools of Para-medical Sciences, Science, Commerce, Education and Arts.

The MSLs are South African qualified Medical Doctors and are focused on non-commercial, scientific communications with Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs) on a peer-to-peer level.

Marketing colleagues have previously worked at a variety of Pharmaceutical companies in varying degrees of seniority – from being Sales reps to Market Research to Marketing Director.

Market Access ranges from Reimbursement at Funder (Payer) level through to access strategies with Providers, HMOs, IPAs and other related stakeholders.

  • Neuroscience

  • Dermatology

  • Pain and Anaesthesiology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Critical Care

  • Oncology

  • Women’s Health

The above areas are listed to infer areas in which PHARMAPRENEURS have had Sales and Marketing experience and look to uncover other therapeutic areas to expand our offering.

The following describes possible strategies whereby companies may experience PHARMAPRENEURS’ AVANT-GARDE maneuvers.

  • Top-Line Sales Protection plans

  • New Products

  • Market development

  • Launch and Penetration

  • Reimbursement strategy

  • Mature Brand Life-Cycle Maximisation

  • Market Access landscape navigation

  • Risk assessment and mitigation scenario planning

  • Sales Force Excellence

  • Business to Business “divestitures”