As a healthcare-focused company, PHARMAPRENEURS offers business partners a broad range of relevant and related services. Our well-established team can provide insight, perspective and trusted advice about a better way forward. Contact us for more information about exploring new business opportunities or any of our specialist services listed below:

  • Patient Support & Adherence Programs
    • Skilled Healthcare Professionals
    • Empowering Patients
    • Reimbursement Support and Assistance
    • Brand Sentiment
    • Medical Aid Authorisation Management
    • Pharmacovigilance
  • Medical Affairs & Management Outsourcing Solutions:
    • Medical Science Liaison Programs
  • Strategic Sales Outsourcing Solutions:
    • Optimal Sales Staffing and Sales Outsourcing
    • Contingency Workplace Solutions
    • Key Account Management
  • Strategic Marketing Outsourcing Solutions:
    • Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Pharma Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic HR & Management Outsourcing Solutions
  • Optimal Staffing and Outsourcing Options
  • Specialist Recruitment
  • Development and Skills Training
  • Contingency Workplace Solutions

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